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Co-founder Bluenest, Marketing Director of a Stealth mode Startup, Country Rep. YouthUp India

Hello! - 你好 - Bonjour! - नमस्ते - ¡Hola! - Olá - Привет! - 今日は

Nice to meet You !
Because doing matters

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Journey So Far !

4.5 Yrs of Digital Marketing Experience

Helped Several Startups and companies with digital marketing challenges in various industry. 

200+ Email Campaigns, 20+ Events, 800% Plus Growth.

Co-Founded Bluenest at the age of 22.

Pune’s Top Digital Marketing Agency  ( See Your Yourself : Click here)

Digital Specialist and Country Rep. YouthUp India (2020)

YouthUp is a global initiative to help youths via Education, Business, Network and Entertainment.

YouthUp has grown big and growing big. They have the power biggest growth hack ever,  Team and community.

It’s my pleasure to serve Youth India as representative.

Join Us.

Marketing Director of a Stealth Startup. (2020)

In 2020, I got opportunity to be Marketing director at the age of 24 only.

And I am savouring it.

People are saying !!!

That's Co-founder of SERP.co
Devin Schumacher
Co-Founder at SERP.co
See What Co-founder of YouthUp have to say. >

Now, Challenge Me !

Let’s talk about your challenge.

So, Elevate your Digital Journey with me!

I combine skills and Your brand story to Elevate your Digital Journey!. 

I weld Science, Technology and Art together and perfectly craft unique end to end digital solution for you, which not only grow but accelerate your digital sales, and your Audience.

Why I Love Digital Marketing

Because I love science,
Because I love technology
Because I love Art
Because I love design
Because I love Strategy

On every turn, It challenges me to use all my perceived knowledge of science, technology, art, design and beyond.

And inspire me to be creatively and strategically combine above all and deliver business changing results.

My heart races to solve challenges the way it was never done before.

Marketing is beautiful.

I wish to dive in more to measure length and depth of it.

I wish to get more challenges in future. I love Digital Marketing.

That’s my love letter to Marketing, straight from my heart.

Marketing is at conjunction of ART, SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY

Yes Indeed, marketing is at conjunction of all and it is the best management of art, science and technology together.

That’s the reason, I fell in love with Digital Marketing.

I admire Design and Content. I live technology and love Science. I feel miracle when all work together to grow Business like never before.

For Example, I use technology to build website, then I use psychology to make and put magnet content on website. I craft designs which work for the user of the website. 

That’s not it, I again use technology to optimize by understanding user behaviour through science.

Still that’s not it ! I also work to get your more traffic through SEO/SEM. 

Wait there’s more ! I hack your potential social media time, so that they spend with your content and website.

Finally, I help you Accelerate overall Digital Growth and make your Customer Fall in Love with You.


My Story

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Suitable Subheading

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consec tetur adipis cing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullam corper mattis, pulvinar dapibus.