Who Am I?

I am Developer and child brain behind world’s first google shortcut key, and a freelancer technical consultant. I am mech grad who jumped in IT field out of very keen interest and finds it as smartest path possible to be an entrepreneur. Taking efforts to make web a better place.

  • Web designer and developer(frontend to backend).
  • Chrome extension developer and Mozilla Firefox add-on developer.
  • CRM developer.
  • SEO (mostly technical).
  • Designer.
  • To talk business lets connect and let's have coffee together.

    I would describe myself as a person of action who believes that “Time is limited”. I have a dynamic personality with full of energy, new ideas and ambition.

    I am a daydreamer and night thinker .I consider dream comes true for those who dare to dream.I dream big and taking risk, for making them reality is my goal.

    I am a Adrenaline junkie who loves thrilling ,exciting and fun filled adventures like swimming,trekking,horse riding ,camping and sight seeing.I have completed 14000mts trekking of Himalaya range. Being gallivanter ,the pursuit of happiness is by completing the bucket list.

    I am a person who likes exploring by travelling to new places.I love musing and observing the places. Yes I am “a man consumed by wanderlust.”

    Thrust for learning , Accepting new challenges and positive outlook are the reason of my existence. “You live only once” inspires me to experience everything.

    Wanna collab to do these crazy things with me, let's have coffee.

    World's First Google shortcut Key(CTRL+G).

    What it is?

    CTRL+G is the world's first shortcut key made exclusively for Google developed by Harshad Dhawale.

    Eureka Moment: One fine day, it all came out of reflex to do google of selected text. I pressed the CTRL+G buttons but nothing got executed. This was frst time when some gesture did'nt work out with Google. Being developer, and flexibity of google chrome allowed me to take this as a resposiblity on my shoulder.


    Actually why not! We use Google so much that it needs a shortcut key.
    By default Ctrl+g is a shortcut for finding next which can also be accomplished with ctrl+f and then clicking on right arrow key.There is no doubt we do googling more often than that.

    Future Vision

    The vision for version 2 of CTRL+G is to increase more accessibility and productivity.

    Download Now!


    Click through Icon to know nature of work.

    I have been working for CRMASIA for 9 months and continuing.Work that I overlook on CRM Asia.:

  • Website design n development #wordpress #html #css
  • Seo
  • Emailer design development and email marketing
  • Graphic design
  • I have been working for NCBA from past 5 months ie Jan 2018. Work that I overlook for NCBA are as follows :

  • Website design n development #html #css #bootstrap #material
  • Seo
  • Emailer design development and email marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Work @ Ananta Geo | Project length 30 D | Status: Ongoing.

  • Website design n development #html #css #bootstrap #material
  • Basic Seo
  • Graphic design
  • Web Hosting
  • Its been 3 months and work for Customer matters:

  • Website design n development #html #css #bootstrap #material
  • Seo
  • Emailer design development and email marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Work @ Pink Guava | Project length 45 D

  • Technical SEO and SEO strategier.
  • Work @the utopian Tech:

  • Technical side of wordpress
  • Designer
  • Work @ IIT Revolution | Project length 45D | Status: Completed

  • SEO
  • Work @ Advent oil fields

  • Technical consultation
  • Work @ Allure Travel India.

  • Technical consultation
  • Work @ Donuno | Project length 45D | Status: Completed

  • Front End design(landing page design)| UI/UX.
  • SEO
  • Work @MHFS

  • Front End design(landing page design)| UI/UX.
  • Graphic Design
  • Design Gallery

    I didn't study design as my major though i just love creating and want to be more creative , following gallery is showcase of my work till now. My creative work has been published in international media and used in international events.


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